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       Welcome to Kizazi Farida Rhodesion Ridgeback Kennel!



Our Ridgeback journey started just a few years ago.


We are Oliver and Michaela Dobrindt. We are blessed with two amazing children Eike and Samy-Jo, and 3 grandchildren. They visit us frequently as they all live just a few minutes away.


All of our family members share a great passion and love for all dogs. We live in a house with a garden, in Gräfenhausen / Weiterstadt, in the middle of open fields and forest.


Eversince we are together we had dogs, but never had the same breed twice. It started from a Rottweiler over a Doberman to a German shepherd mix. The only common ground they had was being male, large and short-hair breeds. When our shepherd mix was already over 10 years, we dealt with the most diverse breeds.

It was obvious that the next dog should be tall, short-haired, athletic and have a calm mind. We discovered the Rhodesian Ridgeback. After a lot of reading about the Rhodesian mentality, it was clear that this breed it should be and it will be a girl this time.


2014, Lubaya moved in. There was no way to ignore that every breed characteristic met a 100% on Lubaya, starting from the cliché of "without a blanket I'm not going anywhere" to "it's raining outside you can go alone for a walk".


Over time, we fell in love with the breed more and more and it was clear Lubaya will not stay alone. We decided to adopt a puppy from the "Akina Fatoka" kennel.
2016 our Farida moved in. Farida is a very energetic, but well balanced Rhodesian female. She is attentive, friendly, curious and outgoing. She loves the kids and her best friend besides Lubaya and me, is our cat Edgar.


She is an absolute water rat, loves to swim in the lake or the pool and she also likes bicycle tours. Farida assists while grocery shopping and carries a variety of things home. In short she is the perfect companion. No matter where we are with her, she remains always sovereign.


Please enjoy our website and contact us if you have any questions.

Michaela and Oliver Dobrindt

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