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Kizazi Farida AYOKA 

Ayoka is a gentle and balanced dog. Self-confident and fearless, she explores her surroundings. She approaches everything and everyone openly and curiously. She learns very quickly and with pleasure. However, she looks directly for the minimum requirements needed to get her reward. So far, he has no interest in hunting. He is easily retrievable and executes learned commands (mostly) very quickly. Like her mother Farida, Ayoka also likes to go hunting. Depending on her age, she reliably brings her toy or food dummy to her human. 

At home there are 4 cats with whom she likes to cuddle and play. In the office she waits patiently on her blanket until the break starts. 

All in all we are very happy and proud of her development. 

8 Months

DSC_2796 Kopie.jpg
DSC_2801-Bearbeitet Kopie.jpg
DSC_2900-Bearbeitet Kopie.jpg
DSC_2913-Bearbeitet Kopie.jpg

5 Months

Kizazi Farida Ayoka
Kizazi Farida Ayoka
Kizazi Farida Ayoka
Kizazi Farida Ayoka

The first 8 weeks

20210510_075345 - Kopie.jpg
20210430_153316 - Kopie.jpg
20210515_224540 - Kopie.jpg
20210503_074335 - Kopie.jpg
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